Winterize Your Asphalt in Santa Rosa, CA with a Crackfill and Sealcoat

It’s still warm and sunny out right now, but before you know it, colder weather will be upon us. It’s important to prepare your asphalt in Santa Rosa, CA for the change in weather, so that it stays strong all winter long.

It’s best to consult with a reputable asphalt company to make sure your asphalt gets the protection and professional care it needs. In the meantime, here are a few tips to get you started.

Apply crackfill annually

Asphalt acquires cracks over its lifetime, thanks to dear old Mother Nature. Water is a major culprit—it can sink into the subgrade of your pavement, freeze in the winter and cause cracks as it expands. It can also destabilize the subgrade and cause permanent damage that requires large repair or even replacement.

In order to prevent premature deterioration, you should fill your pavement’s cracks consistently throughout its lifetime, and at least once a year. You can crackfill as often as you like, but if you’re short on time, make sure to do it at least once before cold weather hits every year. You may notice some cracks have reopened in the spring, due to the temperature change, and this is to be expected. Simply continue your crackfill routine as usual to maintain your pavement.

Apply sealcoat

You’ve made a good investment by getting pavement, and it stands to reason that you want to protect it. Sealcoating is another smart way to prolong the life of your pavement. It should be applied as part of your pavement maintenance routine: the yearly inspection from a professional asphalt company, crackfilling before cold weather and consistent inspection to detect any small cracks before they get bigger. First, fill any cracks you find, and then apply a good quality sealcoat on top. Although sealcoat cannot prevent all cracks or deterioration, it is an excellent preventative measure that will help extend the good repair of your investment.

In addition to adding a much-needed layer of protection, sealcoating also improves the appearance of your asphalt. It helps protect against sun damage, gives the pavement a smooth and aesthetically pleasing appearance and slows cracks from forming—all of which can give you some serious pavement appeal.

Invest in additional preventative maintenance

If you truly want to preserve your asphalt in Santa Rosa, CA, you should consider working with a professional asphalt company. Have your pavement inspected each year to make sure it’s stable and in good repair. Then, make sure to get any small cracks or minor problems resolved before they blossom into bigger issues. A simple going-over from time to time to look for small cracks will help keep larger cracks from forming.

Take the time to find an experienced asphalt company in good standing. They can answer your questions and use their years of experience in the business to keep your pavement in great shape, all year long. For more information about caring for your asphalt in Santa Rosa, CA, get in touch with Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. today!

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