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Welcome to Sikes Asphalt: the premier provider of asphalt and concrete to Santa Rosa, CA. From residential and commercial jobs to custom projects big and small, we’re here to provide you with a full range of quality services, designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Take a look at any of our core services below or contact us today about your specific needs!


As a California Contractor, work is warranted against failure due to poor workmanship or faulty material, for a period of 1 year; however, we will offer a THREE-YEAR WARRANTY when payment is made per terms.


Concrete >


As the foremost authority on concrete projects of all types and sizes, we’re prepared to deliver excellence, no matter what the specifications of the job may be. From mixing and pouring, to shaping and paving, concrete is our forte and we stand behind the exceptional workmanship of our talented professionals.Our experience in both residential and commercial capacities is expansive, and we have the capabilities to tackle just about any job. We specialize in residential projects such as driveways, walkways, garage pads, foundation pouring and more. For our commercial customers, we can adeptly tackle parking lots, retaining walls, sidewalks and a bevy of other concrete applications.
Asphalt >


When it comes to asphalt, there’s no one better in the business! Whether it’s repairs, resurfacing, patchwork or new paving, know that our thorough professionals are ready to get the job done right, the first time. We even offer specialty services, including Petromat Fabric Overlay application, to help extend the life of your asphalt and keep it in stellar condition.Our depth of experience allows us to serve both residential and commercial customers, and our dedication to our craft means you’re never being shorted on quality. The asphalt we pour is guaranteed to stand up to the daily wear and tear it’s expected to see, to perform longer and look better than you ever expected it to.
Sealcoat >


To protect your asphalt and help it maintain its façade, even against heavy wear and tear, trust Sikes Asphalt when it comes to the proper application of a quality sealcoat. When handled by a professional, a sealcoat can protect your asphalt against unwanted damage from petroleum products such as oil and gas, which can be catalysts for future potholes and other troublesome asphalt damages.To ensure a seamless application of your pavement sealer, we use a pressurized spray process. This process allows for even distribution, proper adhesion and rapid coating, all resulting in a noticeable job well done that’s ready to stand up to whatever elements seek to degrade the asphalt itself.
Stripe >


Need your parking lot re-striped? Looking to have concrete poured and striped in one fell swoop? Sikes Asphalt is here to tackle the job, no matter the scope of your striping needs. We can stripe parking lots, industrial areas, private property and more, all to your exact specifications.More than just having the equipment and education needed to stripe your concrete or asphalt, we’re ADA compliant, to ensure your premises are accommodating to all visitors. We can also provide you with OSHA required asphalt or concrete markings, to ensure complete compliance within your facilities.
Maintenance >

Facility Maintenance

If you’re concerned about the care and maintenance of asphalt or concrete at your facilities, let Sikes Asphalt assist you in keeping things in good standing. We’re happy to work with you to make sure your unique needs are met and that the solutions being delivered are cost-effective and sustainable for your business.Whether we’re just patching cracks throughout your facilities or we’re working with you to overlay and re-stripe a section of asphalt, you can count on our experienced team. We’re here to make sure your facilities aren’t suffering the brunt of wear and tear or weathering, to ensure your asphalt and concrete look and function to their fullest.
ADA Compliant >

ADA Compliance

Did you know that your establishment could incur a hefty fine if your parking lot striping and affiliated stencils are not up to ADA standards? The Americans with Disabilities Act enforces proper accommodation for all persons with disabilities when it comes to lot striping, which means you need to rely on a company that has a depth of knowledge with ADA regulation.Sikes Asphalt is the foremost authority on ADA compliant striping and signage, and we’re your first choice for peace of mind when it comes to striping your lot. We’ll make sure you steer clear of any violations and ensure your lot is optimized to meet the needs of everyone parking within it.
Paving >


Quality paving says a lot about your home or business, which is why Sikes Asphalt strives to provide you with the highest level of paving quality, no matter what size job we undertake. Our penchant for quality is one of the pillars of our business, and it’s reflected in every new paving or re-paving project we’re trusted with.From brand new paving jobs big and small, to overlays of all types—including Petromat fabric overlays—to pulverizing and the complete removal and replacement of your concrete or asphalt, we’re ready to prove to you why we’re one of the most trusted paving companies in Santa Rosa, CA!
Colorpave >


Colorpaved concrete can add a spice of life and décor to any establishment, setting you apart from competitors and adding to the allure of your business. At Sikes Asphalt, we have a depth of experience when it comes to colorpaving and can create any color visual you need when finishing your concrete.The best thing about colorpaving is the longevity of the investment: your concrete will look beautiful for years and years to come! Whether you’re accenting specific paved areas or you’re colorwashing the entire surface, we’re here to make sure the finished product is undeniably bold and perfectly illustrated.