Driveway Paving

Most people think of roads when asphalt comes up, but it’s a very durable and attractive paving material for residential driveways too! Homeowners with a damaged driveway or none at all need a professionally installed asphalt driveway to beautify their property and protect visitors.Homeowners in the Santa Rosa, CA area have local asphalt professionals who can work with them to create the perfect driveway: Sikes Asphalt Group, Inc. We’re the local asphalt paving experts who love helping local homeowners pave their properties.

Proven Benefits of an Asphalt Driveway

But why asphalt? Let our asphalt experts help you understand why asphalt is a great choice for paving your driveway.

  • Flexible & Durable – Because of how it’s made, asphalt paving is flexible under the pressure of vehicles. This means it won’t crack as easily as concrete or other paving materials, so it will stay smooth and safe for longer, without developing deep cracks.
  • Weather Resistant – Water and temperature can easily break down concrete or stone paving, as the first freeze will cause deep cracks. Asphalt offers more weather resistance, as it can expand and contract with temperature changes and the surface lets water flow away.
  • Cost Effective – Per square foot, asphalt paving costs less than other types of paving such as concrete, so it’s cheaper to install initially. Over the life of your driveway, asphalt is also cheaper because of cheaper maintenance and repair services.
  • Easy Maintenance – Concrete paving needs an initial sealing and regular degreasing, but asphalt maintenance services cost less and provide longer lasting protection. In fact, adding an asphalt sealcoat to your driveway can add years to its life.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Asphalt driveways also have a beautiful look to them that will increase your curb appeal. Sealcoating and asphalt overlays can also keep that smooth, dark look fresh for long after a gravel or concrete driveway will have broken down.
  • HOA Compliant – Our professional asphalt contractors always work closely with our clients, so we can even pave driveways in subdivisions and discuss your driveway specifications with your HOA.

Your Sonoma County Area Asphalt Driveway Professionals

Homeowners who need a new residential driveway need the most trusted local driveway paving professionals in their area. For Sonoma County in California, Sikes Asphalt Group, Inc is the local leader in driveway paving, and we have the experience to tackle any driveway paving job, no matter the conditions or design. If you need a driveway upgrade on your California residential property, contact us right away.

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