Parking Lot Repair

For any commercial properties, the parking lot is the face of the company because it’s the first thing visitors see. A cracked, worn, or broken down parking lot sends the wrong message and is dangerous to drivers. Commercial property owners need professional parking lot repair to revitalize their pavement.In the greater Santa Rosa, California area, Sikes Asphalt Group is the most trusted paving company for parking lot repair because we’ve been providing commercial paving services to area business owners for years. Our asphalt experts also work closely with property managers to find the best asphalt repair services for their budget on their timeline.

Our Professional Parking Lot Repair Options

Here are some of our pavement repair services that can rehabilitate your parking lot.

Crack Filling – DIY crack fillers won’t cut it for a commercial property. A reputable paving company has several methods of filling parking lot cracks, including injection and hot-pour asphalt crack fillers.

Pothole Repair – Deep holes of broken pavement require professional care to repair. Our process involves thoroughly cleaning out the pothole, repairing the gravel aggregate base, then filling with high quality hot-pour asphalt, so that you have a seamless top layer of asphalt that won’t break down.

Asphalt Patching – When there are larger areas of damage, your local trusted paving company will remove the entire area and patch it with new, high quality asphalt that blends seamlessly with existing pavement. Quality asphalt patching services also match existing pavement perfectly.

Slurry Sealing – For alligator cracking or surface level damage, slurry sealing is a parking lot repair service that provides a brand new top layer of asphalt that also protects against further damage from weather and wear. This is a great service to add to a pothole repair or patching to create a brand new surface.

Line Striping – Faded parking lines and pavement markings are serious hazards, but the pros use reflective, durable traffic paint to revitalize your parking signage. We’re also trained in all local regulations, so you can rest assured your parking lot will not only be easy to navigate but also DOT and ADA compliant.

Don’t wait to call for parking lot repairs!

If your commercial parking lot in Sonoma County has problems like potholes or cracking, you need to get professional repair services quickly before you need complete pavement replacement. Contact the parking lot paving experts at Sikes Asphalt Group right away, and we’ll help you craft the right parking lot repair plan.

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