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3 Best Options for Pavement Resurfacing or Repair

Sikes Asphalt Group Inc, Sebastopol CA’s trusted paving and repair company, can help you fix cracks and other surface damage on your pavement with the latest in pavement resurfacing and repair techniques. Three Options for Pavement Resurfacing or Repair If you’re wondering whether it’s time to repair or resurface your damaged pavement, know that you […]

Why Is My Driveway Cracking and Crumbling?

Is your Southern California driveway looking dry and cracked? Sikes Asphalt Group Inc, Cotati CA’s trusted driveway paving experts, have a wide variety of pavement repair services to fix your cracked or crumbling driveway, as well as maintenance services to protect it from further deterioration. Let’s look into why driveway deterioration happens and what paving […]

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