Why Is My Driveway Cracking and Crumbling?

Is your Southern California driveway looking dry and cracked? Sikes Asphalt Group Inc, Cotati CA’s trusted driveway paving experts, have a wide variety of pavement repair services to fix your cracked or crumbling driveway, as well as maintenance services to protect it from further deterioration.

Let’s look into why driveway deterioration happens and what paving professionals can do about it.

Why is my driveway cracking and crumbling?

There are plenty of reasons your asphalt driveway can start to break down.

  • Sun damage occurs with UV rays and high temperatures cause important oils to evaporate from the asphalt, making it dry and cracked.
  • Water can soak into porous pavement, making it develop cracks and causing edge deterioration.
  • Improper installation can cause drainage or erosion issues, especially if the gravel base is unstable.

What paving services can fix a damaged driveway?

Each type of pavement damage can be addressed by a different paving service.

  • Cracks can be filled by special asphalt binders and additives that bind to the sides of the crack and seal it to prevent water damage.
  • Sealcoating with UV protection not only replaces oils but also protects the asphalt surface from sun damage.
  • Asphalt overlays cover the entire driveway surface with a fresh coat of asphalt.

Sikes Asphalt Group: Your Southern California Driveway Paving Experts

Sikes Asphalt Group Inc, Cotati CA’s trusted driveway paving experts, are proud to help Southern California homeowners repair and resurface their asphalt driveways. We have all the right techniques and understanding of pavement conditions to make sure your driveway lasts for decades. Contact us right away for driveway repairs or resurfacing.

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