3 Best Options for Pavement Resurfacing or Repair

Sikes Asphalt Group Inc, Sebastopol CA’s trusted paving and repair company, can help you fix cracks and other surface damage on your pavement with the latest in pavement resurfacing and repair techniques.

Three Options for Pavement Resurfacing or Repair

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to repair or resurface your damaged pavement, know that you have options.

1. Crack Sealing

When your pavement has developed cracks from temperature changes or high vehicle weight, you can get them repaired with professional crack sealing. This pavement repair service involves cleaning and then filling the cracks with special rubberized asphalt binders that seal the cracks to prevent widening. This can save your pavement from needing resurfacing.

2. Sealcoating

This is the least invasive type of asphalt resurfacing, and it can be applied after crack filling or other repairs to improve the whole asphalt surface. A seal coat is a special blend of asphalt binders, liquid plastics, aggregates, and other additives that creates a thin protective coating over the asphalt surface.

3. Overlay

Asphalt overlays are like a sealcoating in that they’re relatively quick to do and don’t involve cutting into the pavement or otherwise disturbing it, but they provide a long-lasting new pavement surface. An overlay is basically a slightly thinner layer of regular asphalt spread over the existing surface after cleaning.

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In Sebastopol CA, Sikes Asphalt Group Inc is the trusted paving company for pavement repair services to get your parking lot back to full function and protect it from further damage. Contact us today for a free pavement repair estimate!

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