How You Can Fix Cracks In Your Concrete

Concrete offers a durable, long-lasting option for walkways, flooring and other structures. However, cracks are often an issue. Even if they do not affect the integrity of the structure, they can be an unsightly eyesore. To quickly repair these imperfections, use the following DIY concrete hack in Santa Rosa, CA.

This repair is fairly easy, ranking low on the DIY difficulty scale. You can expect to devote one to two hours to this project. Sound doable? Let’s get started.

Gather your tools

You’ll need several key items to complete this job. For tools, you’ll need a wire brush, a cold chisel, a hammer, a paintbrush and a trowel. For supplies, you’ll need concrete bonding adhesive and sand mix. For safety and cleanup, you’ll also need safety glasses and a vacuum cleaner or shop vac. Once you’ve gathered all of these items, you’re ready to dig into your concrete repair.

Prep the surface

Using your wire brush, clean the crack that you are going to repair. Be sure to remove all loose debris, using the vacuum cleaner as necessary. Before you proceed to the next step, make sure you have removed any dirt or other grime from the crack. Once you have cleaned the crack, undercut the edges with the chisel and hammer. Don’t forget to don your safety glasses first. This undercutting process will prep the edges to better receive the adhesive.

Fill the crack

Coat the surface of the crack with concrete bonding adhesive, using your paintbrush. Once this dries completely, fill the crack with sand mix. Follow the instructions on the bag of mix to combine it with the appropriate amount of water. Your trowel will work nicely to fill the crack with the sand mix.

Cure the patch

Take precautions to ensure the patch remains undisturbed so it can dry and cure. Once this process is complete, you can enjoy your freshly-repaired concrete.

Take an alternate path

DIY concrete hacks in Santa Rosa, CA aren’t for everyone. While some projects are perfect for DIY, you may want to choose an alternative for this repair. If your concrete is cracked, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for assistance. A concrete expert can make the necessary repairs or recommend and make replacement if needed. This is typically the best option if your structure has severe cracking, including large cracks or multiple cracks. In these cases, amateur repairs might not cut it. Concrete specialists have the right tools and knowledge to handle these situations.

Call for backup

If you need more than a DIY concrete hack in Santa Rosa, CA, contact the concrete professionals at Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. Locally owned and operated, we strive for a high level of customer satisfaction, and we always try to go above and beyond. We offer both residential and commercial services, including the laying of concrete or asphalt, seal coating, paving, grading, striping, driveway construction, color paving, facility maintenance and more. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your next project.

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