How Can Hiring an Asphalt Contractor in Santa Rosa, CA Actually Save you Money?

If you own a commercial business property with an attached parking lot, that parking area could be costing you more money than you realize over the course of the fiscal year. In fact, it might have such a cost impact on your business that it might actually be cheaper to have an asphalt contractor in Santa Rosa, CA come out and implement repairs than it is to sit idly by and do nothing! Take a look at what we’re talking about:

Paying for parking

Is your parking area a source of revenue for your establishment? If you charge for parking, it might be in your best interest to have a contractor come to refinish your lot. Here’s why:

If you have X number of spaces, but they’re not striped for optimal placement or parking accommodations, you could be losing out on the revenue from more potential parking customers. For example, if your lot has 50 spaces, but has the capacity for 60 when striped appropriately, you’re effectively losing the revenue of 10 customers per day.

In this same vein, it’s important to consider adding accommodations to your parking lot if you’re currently paying for employees to park elsewhere. Using the example above, if you’re paying for 10 employees to park elsewhere each day, you might recoup that cost and save money by investing in parking lot repaving and restriping to accommodate them.

Avoiding damages

Let’s say you’re parking fleet vehicles or company cars in your lot. Your business is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of these vehicles, right? Well, if they’re driving over potholes, ditches or bumps in the asphalt, you’re going to see wear and tear quicker and to a higher degree.

An asphalt contractor in Santa Rosa, CA can help you pave your lot flat and perfect, to avoid these unnecessary damages and wear, to keep your vehicle in better shape for longer, thus costing you less in maintenance and repair fees.

Fines and fees

Has your lot kept up with municipal regulations over the years? A lot can change in the ten years since your lot was paved and striped, meaning you might be in violation of city terms.

Do you have ADA-compliant striping? Is the grading of your lot up to code? Do you have any hazards in the asphalt from lack of maintenance? Fines and fees can accumulate from all of these things
and will end up costing you money over time—money that’s saved by repaving and re-striping.

Call a contractor today

You might scoff at the idea of shelling out the money to hire an asphalt contractor in Santa Rosa, CA when you think you have a perfectly good parking lot… but when you consider the condition of your lot and the costs outlined above, you might want to reconsider your hesitation. An asphalt professional could be your key to saving money or even making more money when it comes to revitalizing the condition of your parking lot.

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