Have You Heard of ColorPave? Here’s What You Need to Know

Traditionally, asphalt surfaces like parking lots, driveways, roads, walkways and biking paths are coated in a black asphalt sealer. However, even though the most common form of asphalt sealer is black, some people gravitate toward asphalt color coatings like those offered by ColorPave. ColorPave has a wide range of color options for residential and commercial asphalt surfaces, meaning there is a color for every situation. ColorPave’s 100 percent acrylic and oil-free formula provides a durable surface without emitting a strong, pungent odor like some other pavement sealers do.

If adding color to an asphalt surface in Santa Rosa CA sounds intriguing, read on! Here’s a list of ColorPave facts and benefits to help get you started:

  • Description: As mentioned above, ColorPave Neutral Concentrate is a 100 percent acrylic water-based emulsion asphalt pavement color coating. In order to get the color you want, a pro has to mix ColorPave with water, sand and ColorPlus Pigment Dispersion. Once mixed to the desired color and the asphalt surface is cleaned and dry, it can be applied like any other sealer.
  • Common uses: The great thing about ColorPave is that it can be used on asphalt, stamped asphalt, and acrylic surfaces. Also, decorative asphalt previously color coated with an acrylic-based sealer can be resurfaced with ColorPave. It’s important to note that this system cannot be used on previously sealcoated areas where non-acrylic sealers and coal tar were applied.
  • Asphalt preparation: Before ColorPave is applied, the asphalt surface scheduled to be colored must be cleaned. All grease, oils, dust, dirt, pollen, leaves and loose materials must be removed from the surface. Cracks, holes and other damages should be filled. Make pavement surface repairs using a suitable hot or cold asphalt mix. If you are not familiar with asphalt repair, contact a professional.
  • Mixing and applying: Your colored asphalt sealer is a mix of ColorPave Neutral Concentrate, water, ColorPlus and sand. The mixture is now ready for your application, which is applied by brush, roller, squeegee or specialized textured spray equipment. As long as the process didn’t create a huge mess, all you need to do to clean up is wash the tools in water before the material has a chance to dry. It’s best to hire an expert to apply ColorPave to your driveway, parking lot or other asphalt surface.
  • Important weather considerations: Your professional ColorPave installer will inform you of important weather conditions during the consultation appointment. The temperature must be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, both during the application process and for at least 24 hours after application. Absolutely do not apply ColorPave when rain is in the forecast.
  • Benefits: There are many benefits of color coating asphalt, but a few stand out from the rest. First, light colors lower the asphalt pavement temperature, which minimizes heat pockets. It can also be used to highlight special zones or areas in parking lots and mark sports courts. Another benefit is that it provides a cleaner and brighter look to asphalt areas.

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