How To Prevent Cracks In Concrete

Concrete is a durable, long-lasting material—but it doesn’t last forever. Eventually, wear and tear get the better of concrete, resulting in cracks and other problems. While it’s impossible to prevent concrete damage entirely, there are some things property owners can do to maintain their concrete and prevent cracks from forming. Keep reading to learn more about how to prevent cracks in concrete in Santa Rosa, CA.

Why does concrete crack?

To understand how to effectively prevent concrete cracking, it’s important to learn more about what causes cracked concrete in Santa Rosa, CA in the first place. In many cases, cracks in concrete are caused by improper installation. If concrete is mixed with too much water or the concrete dries too fast, cracks are far more likely to develop. Concrete that isn’t installed with proper control joints is also more likely to crack. Concrete that’s poured in freezing temperatures is also more susceptible to cracking.

Preventing concrete cracking

There are a lot of things that can cause concrete to crack, but there are some simple steps that property owners can take to prevent cracks in concrete in Santa Rosa, CA. Here are a few of the best ways to prevent cracked concrete:

  • Ensure a solid subgrade: The best concrete pavement starts with a solid foundation. Make sure to start with a solid subgrade that’s compacted and graded properly. It’s also important to make sure your subgrade is effectively prepped for concrete installation. If your subgrade is frozen, your concrete won’t set properly and you will be left with extensive cracking.
  • Use the right concrete mix: Make sure your concrete mix includes the appropriate amount of water to prevent cracking. Different concrete mixes have different strength levels, so select a mix that works for your application.
  • Plan joints: Joints are crucial to the structural integrity and strength of concrete pavement. Plan joints in your concrete to improve its stability and reduce cracking over time.
  • Cure the concrete: Proper concrete curing can make a huge difference in its strength and resilience. Give your concrete plenty of time to cure and follow curing instructions for the best results.
  • Work with a reputable paving technician: Many property owners choose to take on DIY paving projects, but it’s best to leave big jobs to the professionals. Professional paving technicians have the tools, experience and knowledge necessary to meet high standards of quality. Hiring a professional for your paving project offers a lot of benefits for property owners. Professionally installed pavement lasts longer and is less likely to need premature repairs.

Concrete repair services

Keep your concrete in the best condition possible and get professional repairs for cracked concrete in Santa Rosa, CA by reaching out to Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. Since 2003, we have been the premier provider of asphalt and concrete paving, maintenance and repair services for commercial, residential and industrial clients in our area. As a locally owned and operated company, we are committed to providing the highest quality services possible. Get started with a consultation and quote by giving us a call today.

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