Which is Better? Asphalt vs Concrete Driveways

Residential homeowners, whether they’ve just bought their property or are thinking about a change, can be confused when faced with what kind of driveway to get installed. There are a ton of options, especially if you have a reputable local paving company.

In Sonoma CA, Sikes Asphalt Group Inc is that trusted paving company. Let us help you decide which would be better for your property: an asphalt or concrete driveway.

Asphalt vs Concrete Driveways

We’ll examine different types of residential driveways in terms of certain factors.

Design and Aesthetics

When it comes to design options, concrete clearly wins out, as it can be colored or have designs pressed into it. The smooth, dark surface of an asphalt driveway is also beautiful, though, and it matches the street.

Paving Costs

When it comes to initial costs, asphalt can be cheaper than concrete, especially with long driveways on larger properties. The design options offered by concrete can also add to the installation costs.

Durability of Pavement

Both asphalt and concrete can be long lasting, if properly installed and maintained, lasting for decades. Concrete can be more prone to cracking, as asphalt is flexible. Both will suffer weathering, but asphalt can be slightly easier to fix.

Pavement Maintenance

Both types of pavement require certain maintenance services. Concrete can soak up oils and chemicals from vehicles, and these need to be cleaned so they don’t discolor or break down the pavement. Asphalt can lose flexibility and crack through yearly temperature cycles, so sealcoating can protect it and revitalize the surface.

With detailed site inspections and free estimates, Sikes Asphalt Group Inc, Sonoma CA’s trusted paving company, can help our local homeowners get the best driveway for their property.

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