Commercial services

Commercial properties need professional paving services so that they can keep their customers, residents, or visitors safe. Potholes and asphalt cracks can cause serious damage to vehicles, not to mention lowering curb appeal and property values, and new commercial constructions like business parks or subdivisions need new asphalt pavement that will last.

But don’t worry, commercial property owners and managers in the Sonoma County area have the paving pros at Sikes Asphalt Group to maintain their pavement. We offer a range of personalized paving services that can help rehabilitate damaged pavement or properly install new asphalt pavement.

Our High Quality Commercial Paving Services

The paving experts at Sikes Asphalt Group, Inc take a personal approach to every paving job, working closely with your commercial property manager or HOA representative to meet your needs, whether that’s asphalt pavement repair, grading your property for drainage, or installing parking lots and roadways. Because we’re a locally grown company, every pavement job we complete is beautifying our community too. Contact the Sikes Asphalt Group paving experts right away if you need some help with the pavement on your California commercial property.

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