Parking Lot Paving

Quality parking lot paving is very important to your business, which is why Sikes Asphalt strives to provide you with the highest level of paving quality, no matter what size job we undertake. Our penchant for quality is one of the pillars of our business, and it’s reflected in every new paving or re-paving project we’re trusted with. From brand new paving jobs big and small, to overlays of all types—including Petromat fabric overlays—to pulverizing and the complete removal and replacement of your concrete or asphalt, we’re ready to prove to you why we’re one of the most trusted paving companies in Santa Rosa, CA!

Quality Parking Lot Paving from the Ground Up

There are several factors that go into a long-lasting asphalt parking lot:

Proper Grading – The soil underneath any paved area needs to have the correct slope or grade to let water run away from the pavement instead of pooling on the surface and contributing to asphalt damage and erosion.

A Solid Base – One of the most important components of a long-lasting asphalt parking lot is having a properly graded gravel base. This will provide stability and drainage to keep your new parking lot in good condition for years.

Quality Products – A true professional paving company will use the best asphalt paving products for the area and weather conditions, and they will custom mix your asphalt to meet your needs.

Professional Installation – Your trusted local paving contractors will be able to completely finish your commercial parking lot with concrete curbs and aprons, parking bumpers, and pavement markings.

Your Santa Rosa Parking Lot Paving Contractor

The paving contractors at Sikes Asphalt Group, Inc is experienced in all kinds of parking lot paving services, from installation all the way to finishing services like line striping. We’ve been working in the Santa Rosa, CA area for years, so we are invested in area communities. With our experience and dedication, we’re the best choice for commercial parking lot paving in Sonoma County. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

Paving of a Parking Lot
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