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Sikes Asphalt Group Inc as been paving in California for over fifteen years, becoming Sonoma CA’s most reputable paving company because we don’t just show up and do the work. Our professional paving contractors provide exceptional service at every step of the paving project from free estimates to custom pavement maintenance plans.

Paving Services Offered in Sonoma CA

– Asphalt Paving

– Pavement Maintenance

– Crack Sealing

– Milling & Resurfacing

– Pothole Repair

–  Parking Lot Paving


  • To further trust in our Sonoma CA area clients, we maintain professional licensing and bonding as well as good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Our years of experience in the area mean we understand what local property owners and commercial property managers need out of their pavement, and we can ensure your parking lot or driveway lasts for for decades.
  • We always use the highest quality asphalt materials on every job, and we’re ADA compliant on all line striping projects as well.

About Sonoma CA

The city of Sonoma California shares a name with the county and the greater area that’s also synonymous with California’s famed wine country. The city itself had a 2010 population just under 11,000, while the larger metro area was home to over 30,000 people. Native American tribes had been occupying the fertile valley for thousands of years, and the Spanish established Mission San Francisco Solano on the site that would later become Sonoma CA, and the mission introduced grape growing and wine-making to the area. After the secularization of the missions, the Sonoma Barracks were built and the town planned out. The town later became the center of the Bear Flag Revolt, a conflict which would only end with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1948. After the area became part of the US State of California in 1850, many new settlers flooded the area, and many new farms and industries flourished.

Today, these historic places are preserved by state and local organizations, . Sonoma Square at the center of town is a great place to start touring historic California sites as well as enjoy local food and shops. The Sonoma TrainTown Railroad is an amusement park which has fun rides and a petting zoo. The Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival, held every fall, celebrates the long history of wine making in the area. Visitors can get some exercise and enjoy beautiful views of the valley from the Sonoma Overlook Trail. And of course there are a ton of local vineyards to visit and enjoy California wines, such as Buena Vista Winery and Scribe Winery.

Which is Better? Asphalt vs Concrete Driveways

Residential homeowners, whether they’ve just bought their property or are thinking about a change, can be confused when faced with what kind of driveway to get installed. There are a ton of options, especially if you have a reputable local paving company.

In Sonoma CA, Sikes Asphalt Group Inc is that trusted paving company. Let us help you decide which would be better for your property: an asphalt or concrete driveway.

Asphalt vs Concrete Driveways

We’ll examine different types of residential driveways in terms of certain factors.

Design and Aesthetics

When it comes to design options, concrete clearly wins out, as it can be colored or have designs pressed into it. The smooth, dark surface of an asphalt driveway is also beautiful, though, and it matches the street.

Paving Costs

When it comes to initial costs, asphalt can be cheaper than concrete, especially with long driveways on larger properties. The design options offered by concrete can also add to the installation costs.

Durability of Pavement

Both asphalt and concrete can be long lasting, if properly installed and maintained, lasting for decades. Concrete can be more prone to cracking, as asphalt is flexible. Both will suffer weathering, but asphalt can be slightly easier to fix.

Pavement Maintenance

Both types of pavement require certain maintenance services. Concrete can soak up oils and chemicals from vehicles, and these need to be cleaned so they don’t discolor or break down the pavement. Asphalt can lose flexibility and crack through yearly temperature cycles, so sealcoating can protect it and revitalize the surface.

With detailed site inspections and free estimates, Sikes Asphalt Group Inc, Sonoma CA’s trusted paving company, can help our local homeowners get the best driveway for their property.

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