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Sikes Asphalt Group Inc is Sebastopol CA’s premier paving company because we treat each job with integrity, transparency, and attention to detail. Our licensed and bonded paving contractors are ready to help our California neighbors with whatever pavement projects they have from commercial pavement like parking lots to asphalt driveway repair.

Best Paving Services in Sebastopol CA

– Residential Pavement Installation

– Parking Lot Paving

– Crack Filling

– Pavement Maintenance

– Asphalt Sealcoating


  • Building trust with our clients is a priority, so we maintain professional licensing for paving work in the area as well as bonding and insurance.
  • Our ongoing relationships with trusted local paving suppliers means we always use the best quality products for every job.
  • The integrity and work ethic with which we approach every pavement project comes from the top, with our owner being involved in the daily operations.

Enjoy Scenic Sebastopol CA

Once a producer of plums and apples, Sebastopol CA is now one of the jewels of the California Wine Country, with plenty of vineyards taking advantage of the region’s ideal grape growing conditions. In 2010, the US Census Bureau documented a population of 7,379, with many residents relying on Wine Country tourism and others commuting to nearby Santa Rosa for work. Originally named Pinegrove, the town was first incorporated in 1902 with a wide variety of businesses and buildings serving the residents and a popular rail depot. The area suffered greatly from the 1906 earthquake, which was strongest in Santa Rosa CA, and many of these historic buildings were lost. Since then, the town has rebuilt and become a lovely destination for visitors who want to enjoy the area’s natural beauty and vintages.

The historic stone Hogan Building, formerly the power house for the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad electric railway, still stands, and the Western Sonoma County Historical Society is housed in what used to be the passenger depot. In a nod to the town’s previous history, they host an annual Apple Blossom Festival. The town contains several museums, galleries, and theaters, including the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and Sebastopol Community Cultural Center. There are also several community parks for outdoor fun, including the Ragle Ranch Regional Park and the Joe Rodota Trail.

3 Best Options for Pavement Resurfacing or Repair

Sikes Asphalt Group Inc, Sebastopol CA’s trusted paving and repair company, can help you fix cracks and other surface damage on your pavement with the latest in pavement resurfacing and repair techniques.

Three Options for Pavement Resurfacing or Repair

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to repair or resurface your damaged pavement, know that you have options.

1. Crack Sealing

When your pavement has developed cracks from temperature changes or high vehicle weight, you can get them repaired with professional crack sealing. This pavement repair service involves cleaning and then filling the cracks with special rubberized asphalt binders that seal the cracks to prevent widening. This can save your pavement from needing resurfacing.

2. Sealcoating

This is the least invasive type of asphalt resurfacing, and it can be applied after crack filling or other repairs to improve the whole asphalt surface. A seal coat is a special blend of asphalt binders, liquid plastics, aggregates, and other additives that creates a thin protective coating over the asphalt surface.

3. Overlay

Asphalt overlays are like a sealcoating in that they’re relatively quick to do and don’t involve cutting into the pavement or otherwise disturbing it, but they provide a long-lasting new pavement surface. An overlay is basically a slightly thinner layer of regular asphalt spread over the existing surface after cleaning.

paving resurfacing

In Sebastopol CA, Sikes Asphalt Group Inc is the trusted paving company for pavement repair services to get your parking lot back to full function and protect it from further damage. Contact us today for a free pavement repair estimate!

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