Updating Striping on Commercial Properties to Meet ADA Compliance

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As a business owner, you want your commercial property to be easily accessible to all of your customers. That should also include those who are affected by any mobility issues. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all business owners to provide certain accommodations for all individuals with disabilities. This set standard ensures that everyone can access your establishment with ease.

While you’re likely already familiar with the fact that ADA standards require you to provide handicap ramps and accessible door openers, there are also set standards regulating parking lot striping. Failing to meet parking lot striping standards could result in a hefty fine from the ADA. To help you avoid violations, the professionals at Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. have assembled this basic guide to parking lot striping in Santa Rosa, CA.


ADA standards require that all handicap accessible parking spaces must be located along the shortest accessible route to the building entrance. It’s crucial that this pathway also meets ADA standards by being free of any curbs or stairs. The ground for the parking space must be level for easier travelling. Placing it on un-level ground is incredibly risky and could lead to some serious injuries—not to mention that it violates the ADA guidelines.

Accessible parking spaces for cars

The standards outlined by the ADA also dictate creating accessible parking spaces for cars. These spaces need to feature an access aisle at least 60 inches wide adjacent to the designated handicap parking space. This is so a person using a wheelchair can easily enter and exit their car. The space should be designated with striping so everyone can easily know the exact perimeters. It’s crucial that these measurements are exact to avoid any violations.

Accessible parking spaces for vans

Did you know that at least one of your spaces needs to be van accessible? In fact, you’ll actually need a minimum of two van accessible spaces if you have more than nine accessible parking spaces in your lot. For smaller lots with only enough parking spaces to require a single accessible spot, just make sure that it also meets the criteria for a van. In addition to the mandated striping, the space must also be identified with a sign marking it as van accessible. ADA standards mandate that it must have a wider access aisle of at least 96 inches to provide enough space for a wheelchair lift and vertical clearance to accommodate the extended height of a van.

Figuring out the requirements associated with ADA striping compliance can be complicated. Instead of stressing or proceeding with uncertainly, trust the professionals at Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. We’re the top authority on ADA compliant striping in Santa Rosa, CA and will ensure that your lot meets ADA standards. Our team of professionals will make sure you avoid any violations while making sure that your lot is optimized to meet both ADA standards and the needs of all of your customers. Call us today to get started on your project.

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