Tree Root Damage to Asphalt and Concrete

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Most roadways, parking lots and driveways in the United States are covered either using asphalt or concrete. Both asphalt and concrete are highly durable surfaces capable of withstanding lots of use and abuse. They can usually stand up to heavy vehicles, extreme weather events and more. One of the few things that can cause damage to asphalt and concrete roadway surfaces, however, is the presence of tree roots.

Tree roots can grow dozens of feet away from the trunk of the tree, and they have a tendency to grow toward sources of flowing water. If a root is crawling up near the surface of the ground, it can displace dirt and cause the earth on the surface to buckle, swell or collapse.

If there’s a tree growing near your asphalt or concrete surface, you may end up with a root that’s causing your driveway or parking lot to become uneven. If the dirt beneath your surface buckles because of tree root growth, it may even cause sections of your driveway or parking lot to cave in and collapse.

Developing a tree care system in Santa Rosa, CA is essential for the survival of not only your tree, but also your driveway and parking lot.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways that you can prevent tree roots from intruding beneath your driveway or parking lot without killing the tree, including the following:

  • Root removal: One of the most basic ways to stop roots from ruining concrete and asphalt driveways is by simply killing and removing the offending root. To do this, you’ll have to dig down to the root and sever it with a saw or even a gas-powered trencher.
  • Chemical kill zones: Placing a small amount of copper sulfate in the areas surrounding your driveway or parking lot could help you keep roots from spreading. Copper sulfate will kill the root itself, but not the tree. It’s important to not overdo it with these substances, though, because they might harm the environment.
  • Barrier installation: Another way to keep tree roots from intruding on the paved surfaces on your property is by installing a barrier when paving the driveway or parking lot. This barrier should go several feet deep, and be made of metal. Barrier installation is a great proactive measure, but it can be costly to implement.
  • Develop a plan: The best thing you can do when dealing with tree roots intruding on your asphalt or concrete surface is to make a proactive plan. Planning well in advance will help you develop a tree care system in Santa Rosa, CA that will keep both your tree and your paved surfaces in great condition.

Since 2003, Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. has been a trusted provider of asphalt and concrete paving services. If you need help developing a tree care system in Santa Rosa, CA that will help you preserve your asphalt and concrete surfaces, reach out to one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives. We’d be more than happy to help you develop workable solutions to keep your trees, driveways and parking lots safe and in prime condition.

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