Three Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Seal Coat Your Asphalt

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Spring is finally here! Gone are the frigid temperatures and short days. Instead, the flowers are blooming, the weather is warm and the days are growing longer. Unfortunately, the nice weather may have revealed that your asphalt sustained some significant damage during the fall and winter months. Chances are, your pavement probably took quite the beating during the months of inclement weather, which is why now is the perfect time to consider seal coating.

Seal coating is a simple way to protect your asphalt while also keeping it looking nice. Seal coating can protect your asphalt home driveway or office parking lot against unwanted damage that can be caused by a variety of petroleum products, such as oil and gas. Without this protection, these items can result in potholes and other damage to your asphalt. Seal coating is most commonly applied during initial asphalt paving in Santa Rosa, CA. Don’t worry if that wasn’t the case, though, as seal coating can actually be applied sporadically to safeguard and improve the appearance of your asphalt. Luckily, the spring season is actually the perfect time to seal coat your asphalt. Read on to learn more about why this is the case.

Perfect conditions for durability

The typical asphalt paving contractor in Santa Rosa, CA will recommend spring for seal coating, as it offers the perfect conditions. Seal coating doesn’t cure well during the fall and winter due to the cold temperatures. The warm temperatures and sunlight found during spring help the seal to cure quickly for both beautiful and strong results. If the seal isn’t given enough time to cure, it could stain or damage any vehicles that drive on it. On the other hand, the hot temperatures of summer could cause it to cure too quickly, which doesn’t allow enough time for the rolling truck to push the rocks into the top layer of asphalt.

Prepare for summer damage

Usually, the ice, snow and melting agents found during the winter months have the harshest effect on the seal coat. Unfortunately, summer comes with its own set of problems, too. Extended exposure to the sun and intense head can cause cracks, fading and other damages. Seal coating early in the spring will help protect your asphalt paving from any problems before you even take your first dip in the pool.

Curb appeal

Winter can do quite a number on your seal coating. Oftentimes, the damage isn’t noticeable until spring. As the weather warms up, you may find yourself plagued with corrosion, pot holes, fading, cracks and other signs of damage. These blemishes can negatively affect the appearance of your home or business. Hiring a professional paving company in Santa Rosa, CA for seal coating will help boost the curb appeal of your home or business so it stays looking great throughout the entire year.

Seal coating is an amazing process that will protect your asphalt from unwanted damage. Call Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. today to quickly improve the appearance of your asphalt with the help of seal coating.

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