The Importance of Good Tree Drainage

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If there isn’t good drainage surrounding your trees, they may slowly drown, or they could become subject to root rot. Even the hardiest trees need dry periods in their soil.

It’s important to consistently consider the needs of your trees and shrubs when making site improvements and changes around your property. The installation of a concrete or asphalt surface, for example, may eventually reduce the effectiveness of drainage in your yard, resulting in an environment that isn’t friendly toward your planted greenery.

Implementing a tree care system in Santa Rosa, CA that accounts for the drainage needs of your trees isn’t always easy, but it can help you ensure that your trees remain healthy and happy, and that they don’t send their roots underneath your asphalt or concrete surfaces in search of drier environments.

Here are just a few ways you can analyze and improve drainage for your trees and elevate your tree care system in Santa Rosa, CA:

  • Perform a percolation test: After making site improvements or before planting a new tree, you should perform a percolation test to determine how quickly the soil in a certain area of your property is draining. Dig 18-inch deep holes and fill them with water, and record the amount of time that the water takes to drain from the holes. This is the percolation rate.
  • Dig drainage chimneys: If there’s a hard layer of earth directly below your topsoil, you may want to consider digging drainage chimneys at your property. Using a post-hole digger, break through the hard layer of earth into more permeable soil. It’s advisable to dig several drainage chimneys at lower points throughout the yard, which may otherwise accumulate pools of stagnant water or hyper-saturated soil.
  • Install a French drain: A French drain is an ideal solution for maintaining proper drainage in low-lying areas. Dig a trench near the root area of your tree, following the drip line, down to a gully in your yard. Then, dig a fairly deep gutter filled with semi-permeable rocks. This will help alleviate moisture near the tree itself.
  • Amend soil compaction: Areas that have recently been subjected to site work are likely to have compacted soil. You can alleviate soil compaction by adding soil additives like peat moss or compost. This will both improve water retention and facilitate faster drainage. Be sure to mix and aerate the soil to improve its drainage.

Since 2003, Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. has been a premier asphalt and concrete contractor in Santa Rosa, CA. If you need help developing a new tree care system in Santa Rosa, CA that will help you maintain the quality of your landscaping as well as your paved surfaces, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today. We can help you develop a plan that accounts for the needs of your trees, as well as the needs of your asphalt and concrete surfaces. We’re happy to help clients identify and implement solutions that meet their specific needs. Get in touch with us today to set up a meeting!

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