The Complete Guide to ColorPave from Your Asphalt Contractor in Santa Rosa, CA,

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Have you ever considered how you could make your property stand out from the rest? Whether you have a residential, commercial, or industrial property, consider adding a unique color to your asphalt surface with ColorPave. Imagine the possibilities of driving, parking, walking and jogging on a multi-colored pavement system paved by a professional asphalt or concrete contractor in Santa Rosa, CA, instead of the traditional black asphalt.

Why Use ColorPave?

Standard black asphalt is beginning to be the pavement of the past. This pavement can become pungent in the sun and its black color attracts heat like lightening to a lightning rod. With ColorPave, you can choose color choices that are far more environmentally friendly to keep things cool on your pavement. ColorPave boasts color choices that can even contribute to LEED credits and green parking.

The possibilities are endless. A portion of your parking lot can be colored a beautiful light blue to match your corporate logo. Walkways can be colored green. The employee of the month could have a golden yellow parking spot. Red pavement could be the designation for fire safety locations. Whatever you can dream for your pavement can happen with ColorPave! With a ColorPave surface, you will be sure to have an asphalt surface like no other.

Available Colors

The best part about ColorPave is the wide array of colors available:

·      Blue

·      Brickyard Red

·      Brown

·      Brownstone

·      Burnt Sienna

·      Dark Green

·      Dove Gray

·      Forest Green

·      Gray

·      Graystone

·      Ice Gray

·      Light Blue

·      Light Green

·      Maroon

·      Olivestone

·      Orange

·      Red

·      Sahara Beige

·      Sandstone

·      Slate Gray

·      Terra Cotta

·      Tournament Purple

·      Yellow

How Does ColorPave Work

ColorPave is used on asphalt, stamped asphalt, and any other existing acrylic surfaces. You would contact your local asphalt contractor in Santa Rosa, CA, to resurface your asphalt using ColorPave.

The professional would mix the acrylic resurfacer with the ColorPave tint. The mixture would be used to resurface your pavement. It is recommended that two coats be applied to the surface in order to achieve the beautiful, desired color on the pavement. ColorPave cannot be used on previously seal coated areas where non-acrylic formulas or coal tar was used.

Maintaining ColorPave

One of the best parts of ColorPave is that it takes no more maintenance that any typical asphalt surface. Maintaining your ColorPave surface is easy. Simply keep the surface clean and fill in and resurface minor cracks before they become larger.

The Best Choice in Asphalt or Concrete Contractors in Santa Rosa, CA

If you think that ColorPave may be right for you, consult with an asphalt or concrete contractor in Santa Rosa, CA. To make sure that you are working with the best in the business, consider Sikes Asphalt. We are family owned and operated since 2003 and are prepared to handle any paving job big or small. We have the expertise to get your job done right and will treat you like family. Give us a call today to learn more about ColorPave and give your surface a fresh, new look.

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