Talk to a Paving Contractor in Santa Rosa, CA Before Driveway Work

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If your driveway is looking rough after many hot summers and winter rainstorms, it may be time to talk to a paving contractor in Santa Rosa, CA. It is likely that your driveway requires less work than expected, but you may also find yourself in need of a full replacement. The only way to know for sure is to speak to a qualified contractor like Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. Here are considerations that go into the repair-or-replace decision:

  • What is actually necessary: If you see small, superficial cracks, you may be tempted to replace your driveway, especially if they appear numerous. However, if there is little chance of further damage, they can likely be patched or filled. It is not uncommon for newer driveways to develop cracks, but that is still not a cause for replacement. But older driveways that have not had work for over 20 years, with deep cracks and places where the asphalt rises and sinks, usually need to be replaced. That is due to a compromised driveway foundation, so building a new one is often the only option.
  • Budget: Prices vary between materials. Concrete is more expensive than asphalt, and both offer advantages in price, durability and aesthetics. It is best to set a budget before asking for estimates. Also, ask if resurfacing your driveway is a possibility. If your driveway foundation remains in good shape, building a new surface is good for both appearance and your wallet.
  • Style or substance: Customers have different priorities. Many insist on a driveway that matches the style of their home, while others are more interested in function. If concrete looks better with the color of your home, you will spend more, but also make your home more desirable for sale, if that is a possibility soon. However, if you drive large trucks or use heavy machinery, such as on an agricultural property, you may prefer a durable driveway that stands up to that pressure.
  • Safety: If you live on a busy street, backing into traffic may put you in suspense every time you leave your home. In these cases, seeing if your home site can accommodate a turnaround style driveway is likely worth the effort. When you need to replace your driveway, it expands possibilities. This could be a good chance to make changes you’ve desired for a long time.
  • Space and parking: Large vehicles require wider driveways. People who drive primarily trucks or SUVs over compact cars often prefer making their new driveway larger. You may also desire paving more space if you want more room for guests to park. If you are finally sick of people parking on your lawn or blocking traffic on your narrow street, finding a driveway design that allows for additional off-street parking could be your optimal solution.

Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. is a paving contractor in Santa Rosa, CA, and we are here to help you with your next driveway repair or design. Call us today to arrange for an estimate.

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