Summer Is the Perfect Time for Sealcoating

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Summer is finally here, and with it comes one of the busiest times of the year for paving contractors! While it might feel as though you have a whole lot of time this summer to get your paving projects done, the reality is that the three months of summer are going to go by in a hurry, and paving contractors are going to be very busy during this time. It’s crucial that you make your appointment with a contractor as soon as possible to get your job done.

Contractors are so busy at this time of year because there are certain paving-related jobs that just work better when the weather is warmer. Sealcoating, for example, is one of those jobs. Giving your driveway or patio a new protective layer is crucial for its long-term health, as well as for its aesthetic value.

So why is summer such a perfect time for you to get this task done? Here’s some information from a paving contractor in Santa Rosa, CA:

  • Hotter days: Any paving contractor worth their salt can tell you that pavement sealant cures the best when it’s both warm and sunny throughout the entire day. Heat and sunshine help cut down on curing times, which leads to better overall results of the sealcoating job.
  • Longer work days: The summer comes with extended daylight hours. This means your sealcoating team will be able to work longer to get the job done more efficiently if needed. It’s beneficial for all parties to get the job done in as few days as possible.
  • Warmer nights: Not only are the daylight hours hotter during the summertime, but the nights are significantly warmer as well. This is important because when temperatures stay above 60 degrees at night, the sealer will be able to continue to cure overnight at a faster rate than it would in cooler temperatures. This means a sealcoating team can put down the new coat during the day, and the warmer overnight temperatures could get it to the point where the surface can be opened up to traffic for use the following morning, or be ready for striping almost immediately that following day.
  • Warranties: There are many contractors who do sealcoating work who will not offer warranties on sealcoating jobs that are performed at certain times of the year—usually before a certain date in the spring and after a certain date in the fall. This is because at a certain point, the weather no longer becomes reliable enough to be conducive to ensuring an excellent sealcoating job. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss out on warranty protections (and you shouldn’t), then you should make sure to get the job done during the summer, when conditions are more conducive to offering those protections.
  • Save money: Finally, there are some opportunities to save money during the summer as well. Longer days mean contractors are better able to group jobs together, which can cut down on labor costs. In addition, contractors occasionally raise prices outside the “prime times” of year for sealcoating.

For more information about why summer is the best time of year for sealcoating, we encourage you to contact the team of paving contractors in Santa Rosa, CA at Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. with any questions. We’ll be happy to give you some in-depth answers!

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