Standard Concrete vs. Exposed Concrete in Santa Rosa, CA

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Longtime homeowners know the benefits of replacing an old driveway or installing an all-new paved surface in place of a less desirable alternative. When compared to driveways and walkways covered in damage, the smoother the surface, the safer—and using a quality material like concrete is a must if you hope to achieve safety standards.

First things first, though, homeowners have a decision to make: whether to choose standard concrete or exposed concrete. Both are excellent options, but each offer a different set of advantages. Here’s a closer look at some of the key differences between standard concrete and exposed concrete in Santa Rosa, CA.

Standard concrete

Right off the bat, the top benefit of standard concrete driveways and walkways is that they last a very long time with proper care: up to 30 years or more. Property owners also comment on how little maintenance is actually required to keep the surface looking good and damage-free. Concrete paving in Santa Rosa, CA, when done properly, holds up very well against extreme changes in weather, and repairs are typically few and far between. Another huge benefit of standard concrete surfaces is their clean and nice appearance. Additionally, concrete is not slippery and can be stained in a number of different colors.

However, some homeowners and business owners do wonder about the cost of concrete. In the case for standard concrete, the cost of materials and installation service tends to be less than that for exposed aggregate paving.

Exposed aggregate

In regards to exposed aggregate concrete, many homeowners will tell you they enjoy how decorative a surface can be simply by removing the top layer of cement paste. Take away the paste and the underlying aggregate becomes exposed. Not only does this provide a visually pleasing decorated surface, but the surface also becomes skid-resistant and durable, which is perfect for driveways, sidewalks, pathways, patios and pool decks.

A main advantage is the homeowner’s ability to get the decorative effects they want without a high price tag. In fact, not many additional materials are needed to decorate. Depending on what look you want to achieve, all that’s required are a few basic things: decorative aggregate, a surface sprayer and retardant and a working garden hose. The process is simple, though you might consider leaving this job to a professional. And there are other desirable results from the process, as it’s a surface that wears well and is strong, skid-resistant and able to hold up against harsh weather conditions.

You can choose from several types of aggregates on the market. There are large and small concrete aggregates, colored and plain, round and rough-edged and much more. Whatever you choose, rest assured it will blend well with other types of decorative concrete. Another advantage of exposed concrete in Santa Rosa, CA is how little maintenance it needs; however, it does require occasional cleaning and re-sealing every few years.

Now that you have a better idea of the different types of concrete paving in Santa Rosa, CA, the next step is to make a decision. We invite you to contact the team at Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. for more information about our residential and commercial concrete services, or call today to schedule an appointment!

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