Plan in Advance for All Asphalt and Concrete Projects!

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Do you have an asphalt or concrete project on your to-do list this fall? It’s good to check out a few paving companies and get bids, but also make sure there’s enough time to complete the project. The pros recommend that any type of service involving asphalt or concrete in Santa Rosa, CA be scheduled well in advance. Here’s why you need to book early, and what to ask your paving contractor.

Why you should plan ahead of time

Two reasons professionals suggest planning ahead for asphalt paving, concrete, sealcoating and striping projects are time and weather conditions. Harsh weather can hinder any outdoor paving project. If a storm rolls through and dumps rain, for example, and your new driveway has not set, it will take longer to dry or need to be redone. Some projects are okay under a protective cover, but there are no guarantees. Also, paving material like asphalt needs heat for proper compaction. In fall and winter, contractors may use more rollers to achieve a smooth surface.

While the ideal time to pave asphalt or concrete surfaces is during the warmer months, your job may fare well when temperatures are cooler. When the weather is not on your side, your paving project will likely encounter delays or other hiccups, like a lack of proper drying or curing time. However, one of the most important reasons to plan ahead of time is availability in your paving contractor’s schedule. Because many people are trying to squeeze in improvement projects ahead of wintertime, appointments book up fast toward the beginning of the chilly season.

Questions to ask

Once you’ve chosen a professional pavement contractor, it’s time to ask questions about your specific project. Get the following information during the planning phase and before your contractors start working:

  • Can I see some of your past work? You need an idea of the kinds of projects a company has done in the past. Seeing photos of a contractor’s workmanship or actually going to area locations where they’ve completed projects will help put your mind at ease.
  • What types of jobs do they specialize in? An expert paving contractor will have already asked you what you need them to do. Whether you’re hiring them to pave an asphalt or concrete surface, sealcoat a driveway or restripe a parking lot, it’s imperative that they are knowledgeable about your exact type of paving project.
  • Will the cooler weather cause problems? As we mentioned earlier, the best seasons to pave are spring and summer, when it’s warmer, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in the fall. Although colder outdoor temperatures typically means less time to work with asphalt or concrete, a professional paving crew with the right tools, equipment and skill can produce quality projects. They don’t leave behind ugly seams or bumps, or leave the project unfinished.

Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. has experts ready to answer all your questions and get you on the calendar! We know the best practices for paving during the cooler months, whether you need sealcoating, concrete, striping or asphalt work in Santa Rosa, CA. Our service schedule for the year is filling up quickly for all types of jobs, so call us and book today!

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