Hire a Paving Contractor in Santa Rosa, CA for Crack Filling Services Before the Rainy Season!

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If you’ve been putting off hiring a paving contractor in Santa Rosa, CA to fix your cracked asphalt driveway or other surface, make a plan to take action now! Not only can cracks worsen the longer they go without being repaired, they can also lead to more extensive damage in the spring if these cracks are not addressed before the rainy season, as water tends to make cracks worse. By having the cracks fixed before the heavy rains start, you should be able to prevent the damage from becoming more severe.

The ideal time to hire a professional to seal any cracks in your asphalt is when the surface is still in good condition overall. Beyond arranging for any cracks in the surface to be repaired now, you can do your part to maintain your asphalt driveway in the colder months by performing some other essential tasks:

  • Maintain your gutters: Do your gutters drain onto your driveway? If so, this is another way that water can result in damage to the asphalt surface. Hire a gutter cleaning professional to repair any gutter issues you may be experiencing or to install new gutters.
  • Prepare for snow: If you live in an area where snow is not an uncommon sight in the winter, take action before the first snow arrives by edging your driveway. To do this, eliminate four inches of dirt and grass from your driveway’s edges. This way, when it does snow, the melting snow and any water will be able to drain more effectively.
  • Use a softer de-icer: While you may be eager to speed up the removal of any ice from your driveway as quickly as possible, some de-icers are better choices than others. Salt is an effective de-icer, but tends to be particularly harsh on asphalt, which can lead to cracks. If you have it available, sand, kitty litter or another de-icer that is less harsh than salt is your best bet.
  • Pay attention to your tools: If you need to shovel your asphalt driveway after it snows, take some time to examine your shovel before you start. A shovel that is overly sharp can damage the asphalt. If you are using a snow plow to clear your driveway, the blades should be up, rather than down, so that they will not scratch the driveway. If you hire an expert to remove snow from your driveway, they should pay close attention to the tools and equipment and how they use them as well.

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