Guidelines in Choosing Between Asphalt and Concrete Curbing in Santa Rosa, CA

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In an effort to curb the initial price tag when constructing or repaving a parking lot or roadway, some contractors cut corners that may cost you more in the long run. It’s best to know all that you can about asphalt and concrete curbs in Santa Rosa, CA, before making a decision on what kind of curbs should be used in your project. The best asphalt contractors and concrete contractors in Santa Rosa, CA, will be able to point out the crucial advantages of each type of curb.

Why Curbs

Curbs are going to be an important part of your project. A curb is necessary to:

  • Keep vehicles on the pavement
  • Direct water flow toward storm drains (or catch basins)
  • Protect islands and landscaping from washing out during rains

Concrete Curbs

Concrete is made of a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement and water. It’s durable. It’s tough. Concrete is a pliable mixture that hardens into the exact shape or mold the builder desires. A concrete curb will be constructed with a secure base support to hold it in place. This strong choice will withstand hits from heavy trucks and other vehicles. It is not easily eroded away by water. Concrete is the wise choice for a long-term investment.

Cost Considerations of Concrete Curbs

A concrete curb is substantially pricier than an asphalt curb. The reason for this is simply that the materials are more expensive and the process of using concrete is not a simple as asphalt. However, the benefits in your situation may make this a more cost-effective option. If there is a lot of heavy traffic, especially truck traffic, hitting your curbs, it will cost you less in the long run to have a strong, durable concrete curb.

Asphalt Curbs

Asphalt is a byproduct of petroleum refining. It’s a dark bituminous pitch with sand or gravel mixed in. It is soft and pliable. It’s often used in the surfacing of roads, flooring, or roofing. It can be molded into curbs as well.

Asphalt curbs do not have base support. An asphalt curb is simply molded onto an existing asphalt surface. For any support at all, it will need to be backfilled with dirt. Consequently, if the force of a car hits the asphalt curb, the curb will crack and break and need to be repaired. Asphalt curbs are primarily designed to channel water runoff and protect landscaping from washing into the parking lot or roadway. They are not designed to keep vehicles on the pavement.

Cost Considerations of Asphalt Curbs

Since asphalt curbs are considerably cheaper than concrete curbs, they may be a very economical option as long as the project does not intend for the curbs to withstand hits from vehicles. Be prepared for frequent repairs and sealcoating, however, with asphalt curbs. The long-term maintenance, not just the initial price tag, must be factored in when considering the cost of asphalt curbs.

Choosing Asphalt or Concrete Curbs in Santa Rosa, CA

In making your decision between asphalt and concrete in Santa Rosa, CA, you should consult the professionals. In choosing an asphalt and concrete contractor, only settle for the very best. Sikes Asphalt has been providing superior service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Santa Rosa since 2003. To give your surface some fresh new ‘curb appeal’, give us a call today.

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