Four Tips for Protecting Your Asphalt This Winter

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Just like most things in and around your home or business, your asphalt needs to be prepared to battle harsh winter weather conditions. Asphalt requires proper protection in order to stay intact throughout the season and to ensure it lasts for as long as possible without needing major repairs or resurfacing. Thankfully, winter upkeep doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Follow these easy tips from asphalt companies in Santa Rosa, CA to keep your pavement healthy and your ground from becoming slippery and dangerous this winter:

  • Make repairs early: The top winter maintenance tip for your asphalt is to make necessary repairs early, before the ground starts to freeze. Any small cracks or holes in your asphalt will fill with water, which will then freeze and expand when the ground freezes. This expansion (and subsequent shrinkage during a thaw) will further crack your asphalt and turn small issues into big problems! The best part? Making these smaller repairs now will be a whole lot cheaper than necessary repairs come spring.
  • Check for standing water: Speaking of water, take a look at your parking lot or driveway to check for any pools of standing water. These areas will be the first to freeze over and become icy when the temperatures start to drop. An icy area isn’t just a hazard for anyone walking on your asphalt; it’ll also be the first spot to turn into potholes next spring. Call asphalt companies in Santa Rosa, CA as soon as possible to smooth your pavement and prevent that from happening.
  • Keep your asphalt clean: Once snow starts to fall, it’s crucial that you keep your parking lot and driveway free of debris. Keeping your parking lot clean will make it easier for your snow removal company to get rid of snow on your parking lot. It also helps to reduce the risk of areas freezing over and causing cracks and big potholes.
  • Shovel all winter longer: When your snow removal company isn’t around, it’s up to you to keep your asphalt snow-free. Bust out your snow shovel and remove any snow as quickly as you can. Too much standing snow will eventually melt, refreeze and end up cracking your asphalt.

Should you use deicing products?

There’s no denying that keeping your asphalt ice-free is incredibly important. You’ve got to make sure there’s no chance of slipping and falling down after an ice storm! That said, you may want to reconsider using deicing products on your asphalt. Luckily, these popular products don’t appear to do any long-term damage to your asphalt. However, deicers have negative impacts on animals and plants, and can end up in our drinking water. Consider reaching for an all-natural deicer this winter to keep your ground safe, and to help keep Mother Nature healthy, too.

Follow this advice from asphalt companies in Santa Rosa, CA and you’ll have smooth sailing all through the winter. If you need any repairs before winter weather hits, or require emergency repairs after a storm, be sure to give Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. a call today!

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