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Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. is your number one resource for all things asphalt in Santa Rosa, CA. Whether you’re gearing up for a brand new job or simply enjoy learning more about paving work, you can benefit greatly from following us on our various social media platforms!

We’re all over the internet, and are quite active on the following networks:

Our team provides assistance for all kinds of asphalt and concrete jobs in the Santa Rosa area and beyond, with core services including concrete work, asphalt work, sealcoating, striping, facility maintenance, ADA compliance, paving and color paving.

We’ve been in business since 2003, and over that time we’ve built up an outstanding reputation among our residential, commercial and industrial clients for high-quality paving work. Our work includes everything from brand new pouring and repaving jobs to repairs, resurfacing, coloring and so much more. We aim to breathe new life into every surface we work on, not just increasing the structural integrity of the paved area but also dramatically enhancing its curb appeal, which can do wonders for your property value.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should follow us on our social media pages:

  • Service information: Seeing our posts pop up on your newsfeed gives you a little daily dose of the paving world. You’ll learn a whole lot more about our services and about paving through this everyday exposure, which will help you make more informed decisions if you ever need to work with us for paving jobs of any type.
  • Promotions: Occasionally we’ll run special deals or promotions that we only advertise online. You might receive these if you’re on our email list, but social media is another platform through which you can get word of these promotions when we run them. This means if you’re in the market for a new paving job, following us on social media could help you save some money on the project!
  • Communication: One of the best things about social media is that it gives companies like ours yet another way to communicate directly with our customers. In fact, some people find it easier to communicate via these social networks than to go through standard customer service channels. If this describes you, you’ll benefit greatly from following us on social media and interacting with us there.
  • Other industry information: By following us, you’ll also keep up to date on the latest happenings within the paving industry. We’re constantly sharing important, relevant and informative articles about paving topics—it’s not just self-promotion. We want our followers and customers to be informed about paving if they’re going to be looking into contracting out a team of pavers themselves.

Interested? We hope to get some more new follower and “like” notifications very soon. If you have any questions about the work we do with asphalt and concrete in Santa Rosa, CA, give Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. a call or email, or reach out to us on your social media platform of choice, and we’ll be happy to provide you more information.

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