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Your driveway gets put through a lot of stress and pressure throughout the course of the year. Even here in California, which doesn’t see anywhere near the same variance in the weather conditions that one would get farther north or in the Midwest, the changing of the seasons and the constant exposure to the elements can still prove to be quite rough for asphalt and concrete surfaces.

As such, it’s important to work with a concrete or asphalt contractor in Santa Rosa, CA to repair your driveway when you see cracks or holes forming in your paved surfaces. Here are just a few tips from our team for you to consider.

Fix up cracks as soon as possible

Cracks are usually the first sort of damage that appears in concrete surfaces. Even small cracks can eventually develop into much larger crevices, which is why it’s so critical to address them as soon as you see them starting to form.

Begin by cleaning the area around the crack with a soap and water mixture. After the area has dried off, vacuum all the dirt and debris out of the crack so it will not pose any difficulties during the filling process. Your best bet is to mix some new concrete, work it into the cracks and then smooth off the surface to make sure the driveway remains level after the new concrete filler cures.

Fill up any holes you see

Holes usually occur as a result of letting cracks go without being patched up. The longer a hole or crack goes unaddressed, the more likely it is that a large pothole or gap will form in a concrete or asphalt surface. Patching is still possible in such a case, but it will be a more significant job.

You’ll still want to clean and vacuum the area just as you would with a smaller crack. In an asphalt surface, you’ll need to use an asphalt patching material and pack it in firmly into the hole until it overflows just slightly. You can then drive your vehicle over the hole a few times until it’s evened out with the rest of the driveway. For concrete, you’ll need to create a concrete mixture and work it into the hole, smoothing it out. It’s strongly recommended that you mix that concrete with gravel to provide more stability for the long term.

Cleaning and sealing

Once you’ve completed the process of patching up your driveway cracks or holes, it’s important to finish by cleaning and sealing the entire driveway. A pressure washer is the ideal tool for you to clean off the driveway. Make sure to let it dry off completely before you begin the sealing process. You should expect at least a few consecutive days of dry weather before you coat the driveway with a sealant, but you can then apply that sealant yourself (following manufacturer directions) or hire a team of asphalt contractors to come out and get the job done for you.

These are just a few tips to consider when you need to patch up your cracked driveway. For more information and tips about driveway and asphalt maintenance, we encourage you to contact the team of professional asphalt and concrete contractors in Santa Rosa, CA at Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. today!

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