Five Tips to Extend the Life of Your Pavement and Save Money in the Long Run

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Your asphalt parking lot was a smart investment in the appearance of your business. It keeps traffic running smoothly through the lot and easily identifies parking spots. Because you likely spent a considerable amount to have it installed, you want it to last and look its best for as long as it can. With a little bit of effort on your part, you can save on new asphalt installation and extend the life of your pavement using these tips:

  • Watch the weight: Added weight on the surface of your asphalt can cause stress and strain to your pavement. If you leave heavy objects on its surface for long periods of time, you’ll develop cracking that will need to be repaired with crackfill in Santa Rosa, CA. Keep the heavy equipment off your asphalt, and you’ll save on repair costs as well as increase the lifetime of your parking lot.
  • Repair drainage issues: When you notice water pooling in areas on your pavement, it is a good idea to get it looked at quickly. Standing water adds moisture to the pavement and can cause cracking if it lingers. You may need to install a drain for proper runoff, but it will save you on the cost of having to pave in Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Keep it clean: Use a blower to keep your asphalt parking lot clean. This can remove dirt and debris, and prevents contaminants from getting into the cracks and making them worse. An application of sealcoat in Santa Rosa, CA can help protect the surface from wear and extend the life of your asphalt parking lot, while crackfill can fill those cracks before they get bigger.
  • Fill the cracks: Leaving cracks to fester will only make them get bigger and create more damage to your pavement. Have crackfill in Santa Rosa, CA applied to the cracks, gaps and holes. This will add a layer of protection and prevent you from having to spend money on new asphalt installation. Without proper repairs to the cracks in your pavement, you will soon have potholes that can damage your customers’ vehicles.
  • Apply sealcoating: When your pavement needs a refresher, add sealcoat in Santa Rosa, CA to its surface. This sealant provides protection to your pavement and makes your parking lot look like new again. Adding sealcoat to your pavement provides a barrier against water and weather elements. This can help increase your asphalt parking lots life at only a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire surface.

Keep these tips in mind to save on future repair and maintenance costs to your pavement. They can save you money in the long run and give you more longevity out of your asphalt parking lot. When you need crackfilling or sealcoating, contact Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. We are experienced asphalt and concrete contractors who can help you extend the life of your pavement, so you can save on your asphalt investment. Get in touch today to arrange a consultation!

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