Best Times of the Year to Lay Asphalt

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Whether you’re hoping to pave a new driveway or patch sections of your office parking lot, timing can be everything. Knowing the best time of year for asphalt paving in Santa Rosa, CA can help you save time and money on your project. Temperature, moisture and other conditions can have a big impact on when you should complete a paving project. Consider these factors that go into determining the best time to lay asphalt.

Ideal Temperatures for Asphalt in Santa Rosa, CA

Temperature plays a big role in proper asphalt paving. Temperatures that are too low can cause the asphalt mixture to harden too quickly. This makes it difficult to spread evenly for a smooth finish. The ideal temperature for asphalt is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Although not ideal, asphalt can still be installed using certain techniques when temperatures reach the 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit range. At these lower temperatures, you will have less time to spread and even out the asphalt.

Based on temperature, the best time of the year for paving asphalt is generally from the end of April through June. However, it’s important to remember that there are other conditions to consider when planning a paving project.

How Weather Conditions Affect Asphalt

In addition to temperature, a big consideration to take into account when planning to lay asphalt is the expected weather conditions. While you can still lay asphalt in a light, sprinkling rain, moisture can cause damage to the base layers of your driveway or parking lot. Rain or moisture in the air can also change the temperature outside, causing it to dip too low. It is best to plan a paving project for a day that is usually sunny and warm. Early summer often provides stretches of warm, dry days that can be ideal for asphalt paving in Santa Rosa, CA.

Things to Consider When Laying New Asphalt

Outside of temperature and moisture, laying asphalt in an area that has never been paved before adds new challenges. If you are planning to pave a new area, such as a driveway at a new house, you will need to lay a sub base first. Most of the time the sub base is comprised of a few inches of gravel compacted down. Once the sub base is in place and properly compacted, the asphalt can be poured. Creating a new paved surface will likely take longer than patching or resurfacing an existing paved area. Having the right temperature and moisture is incredibly important when installing new pavement so that the paved area turns out smooth and even.

When It’s Time to Call a Contractor

The best time of the year to lay asphalt in Santa Rosa, CA is around the beginning of summer. However, laying asphalt yourself is challenging even when weather conditions are perfect. If you want your paving project done right the first time, consider letting professionals, such as Sikes Asphalt Group Inc., complete your asphalt paving, resurfacing or repair project for you. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services!

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