When Is The Time To Pour Concrete?

Many people are stuck at home and contemplating outdoor projects these days. If it is time for a new patio or steps, it is likely you want to know when to pour concrete in Santa Rosa, CA. Since a failure to time this step correctly can lead to shoddy construction and repeating the task next spring, knowing the best weather to pour concrete and other factors could save time, money and frustration. Here are five factors to consider when pouring concrete:

  • Temperature: Many intrepid DIY types choose the hottest weather for concrete pouring because they believe it will dry faster. That is actually not the best time to do this, as drying too quickly in hot weather leads to shrinkage cracks. If it is too cold, however, the concrete will retain more water than necessary and dry slowly, becoming unstable. Your best bet is a cloudy day with temperatures in the 50s.
  • Wind: There are two problems with wind. One, it causes excessive evaporation, which leads to cracking. Just like direct sunlight, wind is not a friend to concrete. Second, it moves debris around that is likely to dry into your concrete. Unless you want to repeat the job next year and have a surface that can never be swept clean, never pour concrete on a windy day.
  • Time of day: Mornings may be too cool or damp and delay drying. Starting late in the day risks running out of daylight, although it allows concrete to dry overnight. Waiting until late morning to pour concrete may offer the best compromise, depending on the weather and the chance of wind and rain.
  • Precipitation: The problem with waiting for a cloudy day is that you risk facing rain. While rain will not necessarily destroy your project, it will slow drying and complicate the process. Many homeowners have the skills for a smaller, less critical job that dries quickly. When it comes to large jobs, like walkways, foundations or driveways, making up for any extra water or other conditions is difficult for anyone without the experience. So, unless you are lucky enough to choose a day where zero chance of rain ends up being the case, you risk having to adapt your project to unexpected weather.
  • Time: Do not plan this work on a day on which everything needs to be a rush job. That will lead to improper concrete mixing, and your overall work quality will suffer. Many mistakes occur because a homeowner must complete a project over the weekend before returning to work on Monday. When it is 6 p.m. on Sunday and the job still is not done, you will likely have a problem—especially if the concrete remains wet.

Rather than taking your best guess on when to pour concrete, hire skilled labor instead and await the good results without the worry. Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. offers paving and sealcoating services. To schedule us on a day with the best weather to pour concrete in Santa Rosa, CA, contact us today and get a free estimate.

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