What Time of Year Is Best for Driveway Repair?

If your driveway or parking lot is looking a bit worse for wear recently, you might be considering investing in some repairs. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. has been in the business for almost 20 years, so we’ve got you covered for all sorts of asphalt, concrete and sealcoating repair.

Knowing the difference between normal wear and tear and issues that require major repairs is something we can determine for you, but there are some warning signs you can watch for. Timing can also be a part of your repair plans, so knowing the ideal driveway repair season in Santa Rosa, CA can be an important piece of information.

How to look for signs of disrepair

Wear and tear on a driveway can come in many forms, but there are a few major signs that are actually quite easy to spot. Potholes, first and foremost, are noticeable because you can often feel their effects when you drive right over them and your car takes a little (or a large) bounce. These are usually due to the effects of freezing water, but they can still occur in California when asphalt is compromised. Another way to know you’ve likely entered driveway repair season in Santa Rosa, CA is if you see large cracks appearing—these can allow debris to enter that will further erode the driveway’s integrity, so they can’t be ignored.

How we can repair damage

If your driveway is still in a condition where it can be repaired rather than replaced, we can take advantage of driveway repair season in Santa Rosa, CA to perform the right fixes. This could involve anything from patching potholes to sealing cracks, both large and small. Sealing small cracks might seem unnecessary at times, but it’s actually a great proactive step to take because if they’re not promptly addressed, they’ll turn into larger cracks, which cause even bigger problems.

What impacts the timing of repairs?

Like any other building material, concrete and asphalt have particular times of year and ideal conditions in which working with them is easiest and most likely to result in long-term stability and performance. The best seasons for driveway maintenance in Santa Rosa, CA are typically late spring and throughout the summer, particularly when the job involves major repairs. That’s due to the fact that asphalt is poured hot, and it needs to stay hot to be properly worked into position. This becomes a lot trickier during the colder months, so it’s best to have asphalt driveway repair jobs completed when it’s warmer outside.

If your driveway is starting to look a little rough around the edges, or is showing signs of not draining properly anymore, don’t delay—it’s time to call in the pros. Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. has been serving area property owners since 2003—get in touch with our team today for your free estimate and get started on returning your driveway to its former glory. We look forward to working with you!

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