Four Key Considerations When Planning Beautiful Concrete Floors: Tips from Concrete Contractors in Santa Rosa, CA

We see concrete on roads, bridges, highways, sidewalks and even driveways and house exteriors. But somewhere we often don’t think about finding concrete is inside, namely on floors. With so many industrial concrete appearances, it’s no wonder we subconsciously dismiss this high-powered interior beauty as too “construction-looking” for the inside of our homes. But today, as concrete contractors in Santa Rosa, CA, we’d love to share some expert tips for incorporating concrete in building your beautiful floors.


Concrete as a flooring material offers many benefits that allow you to fully customize its look and appearance, depending on where you plan on placing it in your home. Additionally, its extremely easy maintenance regime and long lifespan mean that it’s an extremely durable choice for those parts of your home that see a little more wear and tear, such as kitchens, bathrooms or basements and play rooms. Consider the benefits of where you place your concrete floors and where it works best in your home, as well as the feel and look that you want to go for.


Gone are the days where concrete meant gray, barren, industrial-looking slabs of material. Instead, concrete offers all sorts of customizable options to change the look and feel of the inside of your home. Get creative, not only in terms of where to place it within your home, but also in terms of its color, design, texture and finish. Concrete can be dyed to almost any color, laid out in almost any conceivable pattern and textured and polished to offer any number of finishes from rough and homey to smooth and tile-like.


Consider the length and process of concrete installation when planning your new floors. Installation often takes a full day to several days, and the drying process can take up to a week, so it’s best to plan your design and installation as far in advance as possible, and to plan accordingly. Concrete floors are often a great choice for new homes, but they can also be extremely viable in existing properties. However, it’s important to consider the state of the current floors and subfloors, as well as the shape and layout of your home and concrete floor design, when planning your installation.


The “crème de la crème” of concrete floor benefits is easily its maintenance regime. Concrete is extremely easily maintained, needing only simple daily maintenance and proper washing every few years. Unlike other flooring options, such as carpeting that needs vacuuming and deep cleaning, tile that needs regular grout cleaning and replacement or hardwood floors that need frequent refinishing and proper care, concrete is utterly simple. With a quick sweep or simple wash or mop, your floor will be returned to its original, beautiful glory. While cracks can occur, proper installation and maintenance will usually ensure the life and durability of your flooring.

As concrete contractors in Santa Rosa, CA for more than 10 years, we have seen many homes use concrete both inside and outside, and we have to say that the benefits of concrete flooring are immense. With many options for design, texture, style, placement and extremely simple maintenance, concrete is the obvious choice for planning and designing beautiful, durable floors for your home. To find out more about concrete flooring or to start designing your new floor today, call Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. today.

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