Does Seal Coating Come in Multiple Colors?

For most property owners, investing in asphalt paving services is more about utility and practicality than style or aesthetic appeal, but that doesn’t mean that asphalt can’t be beautiful. Colored sealcoating in Santa Rosa, CA is a great option for property owners who want to achieve the perfect balance of functionality and curb appeal. Keep reading to learn more about your options when it comes to colored asphalt and for some information to help you decide whether colored sealcoating is right for your property.

Colored sealcoating basics

Colored sealcoating in Santa Rosa, CA is a specially formulated sealcoat that’s designed to offer the functional benefits of standard sealcoating with vibrant tints to improve the aesthetic appeal of asphalt pavement. These finishes come in many different colors and shades for various applications. From parking lots to driveways, colored asphalt can enhance the appeal of a property and improve its functionality.

Colored asphalt sealers in Santa Rosa, CA are made with a mixture of mineral aggregates and colorized pigment to create a barrier on top of asphalt pavement. These sealcoats protect asphalt against UV rays, stormy weather and extreme temperature fluctuations. In addition, sealcoats offer slip resistance to protect pedestrians, cyclists and motorists from accidents on your asphalt surfaces.

Colored sealcoating for property owners

Whether you’re a business owner looking to spruce up your parking lot or a homeowner interested in refurbishing your driveway, colored asphalt sealcoating is a great way to transform the appearance of your property while extending the lifespan of your pavement. Here are a few options for colored asphalt sealers in Santa Rosa, CA:

  • Textured sealcoating: Some color sealcoating formulations can be used with textured asphalt surfaces and pavers to add color and create a uniform finish. These formulations are ideal for driveways and pathways with textured or patterned pavement. Sealcoating formulations for textured surfaces offer superior durability and slip resistance in adverse weather conditions.
  • Highly pigmented formulations: Some colored asphalt sealers in Santa Rosa, CA are made in highly pigmented formulations that instantly add vibrant color to an asphalt surface. These formulations come in a range of colors, including greens and neutrals, and are great for driveways and parking lots in front of homes and businesses.
  • Diluted color formulations: To achieve slightly understated color in asphalt pavement, use a color formulation with more diluted pigment. These formulations add a hint of color to asphalt pavement without the overwhelming opacity or vibrancy of more pigmented mixtures. This is a great option for low-traffic roadways and commercial parking lots.

Colored asphalt sealers in Santa Rosa, CA

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