5 Tips To Guarantee Your Driveway Lives Longer

Asphalt is a favorite for home driveways due to its rich color. However, it also requires care to last a long time and remain attractive. When properly maintained, the asphalt driveway lifespan in Santa Rosa, CA can range between 12 and 35 years. We all want our investments to last, and driveways are no exception. Here are five asphalt driveway maintenance tips to keep up your curb appeal:

  • Repair damage as you see it: Small cracks expand into large ones, and potholes are unseemly and create more cracks as dampness leaks below the surface. Rather than allow damage to linger, address it when you see it. You can fill small dents and cracks, but potholes large enough to damage vehicles and cracks that span the width of your driveway need professional attention. Even if it’s money you would rather not spend, it costs much less to repair asphalt than to replace it earlier than expected.
  • Invest in sealcoating: Your driveway will look wonderful when it is new. Use and settling will create cracks, but that can be prevented with sealcoating. This adds another layer of protection to the asphalt so use and weather elements do not age it prematurely. You should expect to seal your driveway every three to five years.
  • Use your garage: Asphalt is sensitive to heat. On warmer days, keep your car in the garage rather than leaving it in your driveway. The weight of the car plus the temperature will eventually leave permanent tire marks if you do this regularly. Also, heavy equipment, moving trucks and dumpsters should never be parked in the driveway, as larger vehicles can leave marks as well. Park heavier vehicles on the street or create a gravel parking area alongside your driveway if you need a place for a work vehicle or RV. That can also be a staging area if you ever need a dumpster.
  • Be careful with sharp tools: First, reconsider dumping landscape materials on your driveway. That maltreatment can leave indentations or stains. If you have no other choice, place a tarp down first and then dump the material. Be careful if you use a metal-edged shovel to move material from the driveway to your yard, as sharp edges on tools or equipment can damage asphalt.
  • Clean carefully: Sweep the driveway regularly to keep debris off of it. Leaves decompose and create stains. If you have an issue with mud, avoid power washing unless it is done by a professional. Doing that incorrectly can damage your driveway. If you need to give it a good cleaning, use a mix of three parts water and one part dish soap. Apply it to the asphalt with a large scrub brush and use a hose to rinse it. For oil stains, place kitty litter on the fresh stain so it keeps it from seeping into the driveway. Let it sit overnight and then sweep it away. You can also use a degreaser like Simple Green, and even Coca-Cola is known to remove stains.

Sikes Asphalt Group Inc. performs paving jobs that extend the asphalt driveway lifespan. If you require asphalt driveway maintenance tips in Santa Rosa, CA or need repairs and sealcoating, contact us today to arrange for a free estimate.

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